Newtons Thoughts

A really special person very close to me has always been interested in these special handbags made by Vera Bradley.  After having saved enough money for a gift, I think I might see about getting one of these handbags because the relatively inexpensive compared to those other designer handbags I saw this site at squidoo called  Vera Sale ..and also came across deals at amazon Vera Bradley Sale.  I think she will be surprised to  find out what she will be getting for this special occasion which happens to be not too far from now.  It definitely will look good with many of her outfits that I remember.

She also has expressed interest in those Coach handbags but right now they are a little out of my price range realistically speaking.  I only like to purchase things with money that actually have so it might take me a while to save up for those.  Anyway, I think she actually likes Vera Bags better. I also solve a page on squidoo right here talking about coach stuff at Coach Outlet.


Recently I ran into someone that was in debt up to his neck. It's amazing how deep in debt some people can get. I really think that having all that debt would be fairly stressful. It seems like some times a person could not get sleep just thinking about all that debt they have to pay.

Incidentally, this person happens to be around $24,000 in debt. Most all of the debt comes from consumer debt through credit cards like the great majority of people in the United States. I have also heard that a good number of people in the United Kingdom are starting to have the same problems.

Come to think of it.... it seems like England and the United States have a few things in common. Two of them I know of being personal debt and overweight. Many people in both countries have tons of personal debt that they have incurred over time. Similarly, a good amount of people have also added a lot of weight in fat over years. Fat in our bodies I guess could be thought of similarly like debt. Fat prevents our bodies from functioning like they should and debt keeps us from being able to do things we would like to do financially.


It's definitely interesting that so many people somewhat fear the Friday the 13th. maybe more people today don't look at it that way as they did before. I'm not really sure if they do or not but may be mostly as a reason to talk about something. In the past I think there was probably much more superstitious thinking going on. I can barely remember a time in the 70s when some hotels are motels did not have any room with the number 13 inside it. They might skip from 12 to 14. Or they might go from floor 12 to 14. I bet you probably found that in high-rise condo buildings also.

It's funny that, in reality those people that lived on the 14th floor actually lived on the 13th floor in those buildings that skipped the number 13. Since I don't go into high-rise buildings too often, not living in cities where there are tons of high-rise buildings, I really don't know what goes on now. In our city we do have some very high buildings that have more than 13 floors to I don't go into those either.

You can find on the website Wikipedia a page that talks about Friday the 13th. It has a lot of information including people that have actually been born on Friday the 13th and some that died also. Interesting to note, those Olsen twins who are billionaires were actually born on Friday the 13th. That kind of information I guess speaks volumes. Maybe Friday the 13th is actually a lucky day. I myself really don't believe in bad blocks so therefore I don't believe in Friday the 13th.

It seems to be just another day like others except for the fact that whenever something bad happens, people like to attribute those bad things to it being Friday and the 13th of the month. Otherwise, it would just be another day when some bad things happen to have occurred. That's basically what I think of it as. Just another day.

I wonder if anyone in the past has ever thought about trying to get rid of the number 13. I think it would be rather difficult to say the least. It almost seems like trying to go back to saying the earth is flat when it is actually not. He really do need the number 13 like you do others. Even if you called it something different, it still would be the number 13 just named something differently.

In any event, I really don't believe in bad luck. We definitely make our own luck, if you want to call it that. Good luck likely comes from good preparation and being in the right place at the right time. However, I do believe in a God that does want the best for us. However, what is the best for us will likely not be what we think is the best. In those instances, we have to trust that God knows much more than we do. Actually, he doesn't know much more than we do. We have to accept that what he's doing or allows to be done to us, will eventually be in our best interest.