Newtons Thoughts

Not too long ago a posted something about a correlation between creating debt..or needlessly spending money to purchase consumer items we don't need and developing fat on our body. I definitely have to include myself in the same boat at least with respect to developing fat. Recently I have noticed that more fat has started to occur on my stomach. I really want to lose this belly fat drastically.

It's interesting because sometimes I watch that show Oprah where they have a doctor visiting occasionally named Dr. Oz. I don't remember his real name but he and another doctor have written a book called “Your Owner's Manual”. They definitely seem to know what they're talking about especially since they have some believability behind them being doctors. Let me add that it seems like they are very good doctors and not people just looking to get their names in the limelight.

Anyway, along with seeing this show a few times and noticing that I need to lose some of this belly fat, I remember hearing something very important that these doctors said. They said that fat around the belly has the ability to show whether or not you are likely to have heart disease in the future. I think they said that this fat basically will help your hard work much harder overtime. It also gives a good understanding of how much fat is in your system amongst your core organs.

Basically, you need to measure around your waist at the bellybutton to see how you measure a recording to standards. Men need to fall under 35 inches measured around the bellybutton and women need to fall under 32 inches. Well, just walking down the street or being amongst many Americans, I can see that a likely majority do not fall under this category. They are actually wider than these measurements.

It's also interesting how weight is lost. I recently saw this article which helps explain a little more about toning the abs . I will be trying to put some of this advice in to practice. If I have the willpower I think I can be successful.


One thing that has always irked me to no end is the size of the credit card late fees that companies imposed on their customers for getting the payment in late. I do know that it's important to get your payment on time but does it really have to be such a large charge to the consumer. I mean, these late fee charges are just exorbitantly high for what they cost the credit card companies I'm sure.

One really easy way to keep from having to pay late fees is by setting up automatic payments using the minimum amount. Whenever you accidentally miss your credit card payment at the end of your cycle, this automatic payment system will simply pay your minimum amount for you. You don't want to get into the lazy mode of living this payment system pay your credit card because paying the minimum requirement is stupid. If you resorted to doing this every month, it would take you many years to pay off your current balance on average for the most common credit card holder.

One thing to keep in mind is that setting this automatic way of paying your credit card every month is only a catchall function. You still should be paying your credit card your self even though you have set up this system of paying the minimum payment. What happens is that if you forget your payment, the system will be enacted.

Let's look at an example. Let's say that I usually make my payment on time whether it be paying the full balance or paying an amount much more than the minimum payment. So we are coming up on a time may be in the summertime where I'm on vacation and I simply forget to pay my credit card. If I had not enacted this automatic system to pay my credit card, my company would have charged me a late fee of some amount likely $35 or more. This nice money amount could have been used for an evening out with my spouse. Maybe I could have got pizza for the whole family instead of paying this stupid fee to the credit card company.

I think we all know that the credit card company really is not being fair in charging this amount of money but since we agreed in the beginning to abide by the credit card companies rules, they have the right to charg us. Therefore, try to take advantage of these automatic payment systems that they have for the consumer.

Don't get me wrong, I still think credit cards are a great deal for most consumers. I really do like the convenience of being able to use my credit card in various places without fear of losing a lot of money as in the case of having cash or using a debit card. With a credit card you are only liable up to $50 for any unauthorized purchases made with your credit card. I think that's a great deal.


An amazing storm just came through this area.  It was very violent and that it may tons of noise that really did not rain as much as I expected it would for the sounds it gave.

It's amazing how this weather seems to be not acting as normal.  I won't go as far as to say that it is because of global warming but something seems amiss.  At this time of the year it seems that we should have less rain and more heat but it's not happening that way.

The fourth of July usually is hot at this time of year.  It was fairly hot during the day but in the evening we needed a jacket to be outside while watching the fireworks.  Now we are getting natural fireworks outside.  Anyway, we have not had really hot weather like one would expect at this time.  However, at certain times it's gotten somewhat hot.