Newtons Thoughts

Maybe you have never heard about the debt Snowball method so I will tell you briefly what it is all about. Basically, it's a method for successfully paying debt accounts off one by one. Sometime in the past, many thought that doing this would include organizing your accounts by interest rates so that you could pay the account with the highest interest rate off first. Then, later you would pay the next account off that has the next highest rate.

In the last few years, the debt Snowball method has become fairly popular. It does a similar method of paying off accounts one by one but you start with the account that has the lowest balance. The main feature behind this method is psychological. The people that end up in heavy consumer debt are those that have difficulties with paying off debt in the first place. If the person in debt can start paying off the account with the lowest balance, he or she will get satisfaction from completing that task. Afterwards, the next account with the next lowest balance will be paid off.

The whole time, each account will be paid its minimum payment of course. You certainly don't want to incur late fees because that would be self-defeating. The amount of excess money you use to pay off the first account every month, can then be used to pay off the next account once the first account is paid off. With each account, the amount of excess money you have available for paying off accounts becomes greater which is sort of like how a snowball becomes bigger. You gradually get a bigger snowball amount of money to pay off your accounts.

The improvement I suggest, which you don't read about everyplace but... the improvement I think is good to implement... is to call each credit card company asking them to reduce the interest rate. Not all of them well reduce the rate but there's no hurt in trying. This helps to reduce the amount of money you pay out over the long run by probably much more than you would expect.


If you happen to be a simple average Internet user that also has at least one e-mail address. Maybe sometime in the past you have filled in a form or two.... maybe you somehow left your e-mail address on the Internet for automatic programs to pick up. In some way you might have let your address be available for people who spam. Many of those spam e-mails you get will likely be on one major topic that is so close to many peoples lives today.

Though spam e-mails happen to be focused on debt consolidation. Yes, spammers are simply out to do your business if you happen to be one of those many people having debt problems. The debt consolidation industry happens to be a very big industry because so many people have found themselves deeply in debt. Those high interest rates have put them in such a fine financially that they are having a hard time making ends meet. They look for a way to make their burden lighter through consolidation. Some people that get these spam e-mails actually respond. Even if fraction of a percent of these e-mails get response, they will have been profitable.

However, it's too bad that many people think consolidating their debt is the only way to go. For some people, it will definitely work. For others, they will eventually see that this false sense of security of having their finances in control after consolidating debt will lead them to further financial problems.

As this article, Getting a Loan to Consolidate Bills , talks about, some problems may be created by the good feeling of having only one payment to make. I have seen this with a friend of mine. It's possible to feel so good about making that one payment to pay off your debt that you start using your credit cards again and creating even more debt. Eventually someone without any willpower for avoiding the act of purchasing things they desire using their credit cards will develop even more debt to do with.

Therefore, there are alternatives to consolidating a person's debt. It can be done.


If you happen to have a spouse... of the female persuasion, it might have come up that she prefers the toilet seat to be down. Now, what she really means is that she would like to have that toilet seat part with the hole in it to be down.... she's not necessarily talking about the whole toilet seat... I mean, the lid. So it seems to me to be fair that if we are expected to have the toilet seat down then the whole thing should be down which includes the toilet seat lid.

Whenever I have asked why does the toilet seat need to stay down.... you know when I am looking for a reason why she wants it that way... she replies in that she would rather not accidentally sit on it in the middle of the night when it's dark with the toilet seat up. That certainly is funny because I would not want to do that either. Also, on the other hand, I would not want to go number one with the toilet seat down. So I ask, why can't you just find out if the toilet seat is down already? Why not check before you sit?

I have also heard the argument that toilets should be closed at all times. Okay, who wrote that rule in the rulebook? Maybe toilets are supposed to have the lid open all the time. It's all how you look at it. I can agree that having the toilet seat down and including the lid will likely make the bathroom looked better or more presentable. However, without the lid, it really does not look much different. So if someone argued that the toilet seat should always be down, then I would argue that the lid should also be down. Otherwise, I would promote the toilet seat to be up... especially if there are more guys and household.

But you know what? I know I will not win. This is not something to argue about or get into a dispute about. What it really comes down to it, this is a minor thing... I rather be on very good terms with my wife than to have something like this come between us. I know that taking my fights will help keep the relationship together.... this toilet seat thing is not worth it.