Newtons Thoughts

A really special person very close to me has always been interested in these special handbags made by Vera Bradley.  After having saved enough money for a gift, I think I might see about getting one of these handbags because the relatively inexpensive compared to those other designer handbags I saw this site at squidoo called  Vera Sale ..and also came across deals at amazon Vera Bradley Sale.  I think she will be surprised to  find out what she will be getting for this special occasion which happens to be not too far from now.  It definitely will look good with many of her outfits that I remember.

She also has expressed interest in those Coach handbags but right now they are a little out of my price range realistically speaking.  I only like to purchase things with money that actually have so it might take me a while to save up for those.  Anyway, I think she actually likes Vera Bags better. I also solve a page on squidoo right here talking about coach stuff at Coach Outlet.