Newtons Thoughts

Getting older has its good points and bad points... one of those bad points is your body's ability to retain fat much easier. I got a little of that myself. Actually, a little more fat than I would really care to admit to myself. However, I realize I have some that needs to go away.

Some of this fat located in my belly or stomach probably is the most serious. This article, lose the stomach fat , tells little more about the seriousness of why I am thinking about trying... at least trying to get rid of it.


Not too long ago a posted something about a correlation between creating debt..or needlessly spending money to purchase consumer items we don't need and developing fat on our body. I definitely have to include myself in the same boat at least with respect to developing fat. Recently I have noticed that more fat has started to occur on my stomach. I really want to lose this belly fat drastically.

It's interesting because sometimes I watch that show Oprah where they have a doctor visiting occasionally named Dr. Oz. I don't remember his real name but he and another doctor have written a book called “Your Owner's Manual”. They definitely seem to know what they're talking about especially since they have some believability behind them being doctors. Let me add that it seems like they are very good doctors and not people just looking to get their names in the limelight.

Anyway, along with seeing this show a few times and noticing that I need to lose some of this belly fat, I remember hearing something very important that these doctors said. They said that fat around the belly has the ability to show whether or not you are likely to have heart disease in the future. I think they said that this fat basically will help your hard work much harder overtime. It also gives a good understanding of how much fat is in your system amongst your core organs.

Basically, you need to measure around your waist at the bellybutton to see how you measure a recording to standards. Men need to fall under 35 inches measured around the bellybutton and women need to fall under 32 inches. Well, just walking down the street or being amongst many Americans, I can see that a likely majority do not fall under this category. They are actually wider than these measurements.

It's also interesting how weight is lost. I recently saw this article which helps explain a little more about toning the abs . I will be trying to put some of this advice in to practice. If I have the willpower I think I can be successful.