Newtons Thoughts

Sometimes I really can't believe how fast time flies, especially when you get older. It seems that one week in your older age is equal to about one day or even a half a day when you were a child. These years just fly by so fast it seems that it was only yesterday.

Not only time but look at technology. We now have MP3s and CDs for listening to music. It seems that we have lost a lot but also gained. There's definitely a difference between old records and those CDs or MP3s of today. Whenever I hear a vinyl record being played, it seems a fair amount different. I remember those 78 rpm records which were so enjoyable to hear. How about those 33 RPM LPs.

Interestingly enough, but recently searched about possibly obtaining some of these old records and came about an interesting site that displays some available records for sale. Right here you can get 78 records for sale

The sounds that these records give cannot be matched in various respects to the technology we have today. I would never want to give up my MP3s and CDs but sometimes it's nice to be able to hear the sounds of yesterday on vinyl records. I'm really thinking about getting into collecting some of these in further amounts.



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