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Recently, I was looking at this article

where he talks about guarding your identity. This definitely comes close to home since someone used my identity to take down an account with AT&T cell phone service a year ago. That almost seem like I had gotten raped... I will say that I know it definitely was not anything like that though because I have never been or would want to be raped. Therefore, I really should not compare identity being stolen to getting raped so I'm sorry for even mentioning it.

Anyway, having someone take out an account online can be somewhat debilitating. I found out that this person actually got enough information about me to get access to my credit report online. You know that website that allows people to get free access to their credit reports annually. You can do this for free every year.

Anyway, soon after I found out that an AT&T account was set up under my name and credit, I decided I needed to access my current reports. I knew that I could get access to my credit reports online for free every year so I decided to find that website. Eventually I found it. However, after attempting to get access, I found out that someone had gotten access a week before. Since someone already gotten access, I was not allowed to get access again within the year. So it was disheartening to find out that someone had all my credit information. This means they had my so security number, my name and address, and since they got access to my credit files, they had all this other information now also.

I then went into the process of rectifying everything. I went to the local AT&T store to close the account and tell them about someone using my name to create an account. I had to fill out various forms. I then went to the local police station to file a report. Later I put a stop on all my credit reports to prevent people from setting up more accounts.



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