Newtons Thoughts

Maybe you have never heard about the debt Snowball method so I will tell you briefly what it is all about. Basically, it's a method for successfully paying debt accounts off one by one. Sometime in the past, many thought that doing this would include organizing your accounts by interest rates so that you could pay the account with the highest interest rate off first. Then, later you would pay the next account off that has the next highest rate.

In the last few years, the debt Snowball method has become fairly popular. It does a similar method of paying off accounts one by one but you start with the account that has the lowest balance. The main feature behind this method is psychological. The people that end up in heavy consumer debt are those that have difficulties with paying off debt in the first place. If the person in debt can start paying off the account with the lowest balance, he or she will get satisfaction from completing that task. Afterwards, the next account with the next lowest balance will be paid off.

The whole time, each account will be paid its minimum payment of course. You certainly don't want to incur late fees because that would be self-defeating. The amount of excess money you use to pay off the first account every month, can then be used to pay off the next account once the first account is paid off. With each account, the amount of excess money you have available for paying off accounts becomes greater which is sort of like how a snowball becomes bigger. You gradually get a bigger snowball amount of money to pay off your accounts.

The improvement I suggest, which you don't read about everyplace but... the improvement I think is good to implement... is to call each credit card company asking them to reduce the interest rate. Not all of them well reduce the rate but there's no hurt in trying. This helps to reduce the amount of money you pay out over the long run by probably much more than you would expect.



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