Newtons Thoughts

If you happen to have a spouse... of the female persuasion, it might have come up that she prefers the toilet seat to be down. Now, what she really means is that she would like to have that toilet seat part with the hole in it to be down.... she's not necessarily talking about the whole toilet seat... I mean, the lid. So it seems to me to be fair that if we are expected to have the toilet seat down then the whole thing should be down which includes the toilet seat lid.

Whenever I have asked why does the toilet seat need to stay down.... you know when I am looking for a reason why she wants it that way... she replies in that she would rather not accidentally sit on it in the middle of the night when it's dark with the toilet seat up. That certainly is funny because I would not want to do that either. Also, on the other hand, I would not want to go number one with the toilet seat down. So I ask, why can't you just find out if the toilet seat is down already? Why not check before you sit?

I have also heard the argument that toilets should be closed at all times. Okay, who wrote that rule in the rulebook? Maybe toilets are supposed to have the lid open all the time. It's all how you look at it. I can agree that having the toilet seat down and including the lid will likely make the bathroom looked better or more presentable. However, without the lid, it really does not look much different. So if someone argued that the toilet seat should always be down, then I would argue that the lid should also be down. Otherwise, I would promote the toilet seat to be up... especially if there are more guys and household.

But you know what? I know I will not win. This is not something to argue about or get into a dispute about. What it really comes down to it, this is a minor thing... I rather be on very good terms with my wife than to have something like this come between us. I know that taking my fights will help keep the relationship together.... this toilet seat thing is not worth it.



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