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Information about Family Finance

I suppose much of my weebly website will be about family finance because I have written a fair amount about it.  I, by no means am an expert but I do have a great deal of financial experience due to my related jobs that I have.  I also have a Masters in business along with my engineering degree.  However much of what I have written comes from basic common sense that some of us have and others do not.  Some people are just too lazy to implement.  I many times can find myself in that lazy realm sometimes.

and this site you'll find a vast amount of information that I have simply written in the past and also currently just out of interest.  Hopefully you'll find something interesting that I have written about regarding family finance.

Today, many of us find ourselves in someone dire straits due to the current sign of the times especially with regards to everything going up in price much due to the price of gas.  Speaking of gas, I might end up talking a lot about renewable sources of energy also because that's one of my interests.  I would love to put together an electric car some time to use that instead of my gas automated car.

Also, it's unfortunate that many people are starting to find themselves heavily in debt not only due to some poor choices with regards to finances but also due to hard times.  Some people have recently found out that they will actually lose their house so I really do think this is very unfortunate.  Many of them got caught up in some of those virtually all interest mortgage loans that have sent them into financial ruin because of their house falling in value without them having any principle invested whatsoever.